The Project List

6/18/2019 @ 7pm at Don Edward's work location.
Email me if you need directions

Greetings fellow project folks, Please plan on joining us for some sharing of ideas.

Meetings on the Third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm

For anyone wishing to use the links on the OLD site, please click OLD SITE

Some of you may have heard of the League of Mad Scientists which is a loose federation of professional and amateur researchers, engineers, and technicians who meet periodically to have fun, discuss issues, and help each other with projects.

The next meeting of the Piedmont group will be at Forsyth Public Library Lewisville Branch on the 4th Sat (May 25, 2019 10a-12n followed by lunch)

Please use the following links to find some helpful project info!

The Project List

Balance Robot Links

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The Project List

DuinoVOX Links

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The Project List

Maidenhead Grid Links

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Magnetism Links

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Digital Links

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QRP-Kits Links

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Micro Computers

Arduino ESP Links

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Building Methods

3D Printing Links

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Building Methods

Printed Circuit Boards Links

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Micro Computers

IoT Links

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