The Project List

7pm @ August 15, 2017 at Miller Park Community Center.
400 Leisure Ln, Winston-Salem, NC 27103.
We have reserved the third Tuesdays here for our regular gathering.

Greetings fellow project folks, Please plan on joining us for some sharing of ideas.

Some of the Topics discussed
This night we went around the table (10 attendees) to tell what we were working on or interested in as a project. Many items in diverse fields came up, but to list a few:
  1. Arduino based CW both transmit and receive units
  2. Arduino based Lightning detectors for automatic antenna protection
  3. Beginning sketches for an Arduino
  4. New antenna installations for HF
  5. Fox Hunt using Harold's Fox. Maybe for the Boy Scouts as part of a Radio Scouting merit badge
  6. Ken's Direct Conversion Receiver from circuit board to case it will be homemade.
We looked some more at the theory of SSB radio signals. Also heard about a new echo friendly building material as well as drinkable water as a scarce resource.
Topics at this gathering included: Varactor diodes what they are and how they can be used. Harold showed his new VNA and used it to check Ken's QRP 50 ohm dummy load across the ham bands. We also discussed the subject of Single Side Band and how to generate USB and LSB in the BITX40.
Show-N-Tell included a 3D printer which is under construction, and a BitX 40 radio with the Arduino VFO installed.
We also discussed Magnetic Loop antennas including the Alpha unit reviewed in the May 2017 QST and the FLAG antenna which Charlie presented at the last FARC club meeting.
Then we moved to some homebrew Test equipment (VNA, Sweep freq generators, etc.) discussions and circuit reviews.
Lots of discussion of Fox Hunting and radio direction finding equipment and techniques

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High Voltage Plasma

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Magnetic Loop

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Computer Numerical Control

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Circuit Boards

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