Antenna Magnetic Loop

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4/18/2017 PY1AHD Alex Homebrew Butterfly Capacitor
4/18/2017 Variable Capacitor Butterfly Style Plates Great for a Home Brew Magnetic Loop - YouTube
4/18/2017 Magnetic Loop Build 15 thru 75 Meters High Efficiency High Power - YouTube
4/18/2017 Magnetic loop antenna for 160-40 meters 1KW - YouTube
4/18/2017 Gordon West talks about Chameleon Antenna magnetic loops. - YouTube
4/18/2017 HOMEBREW - Magnetic Loop antennas and butterfly capacitors
7/15/2016 YouTube tutorial on using Arduino with speed control and limit switches which can be adapted to controlling the trombone type capacitor of the Mag Loop.
6/30/2016 An Overview of the Underestimated Magnetic Loop HF Antenna by Link to Leigh Turner VK5KLT (7 July2009 / updated 28 November 2010)
6/30/2016 Small Loop Antenna Efficiency By Mike Underhill -G3LHZ
6/30/2016 Multi conductors in parallel loop. "A MORE EFFICIENT MAGNETIC LOOP ANTENNA " by AA8C Glen E. Gardner, Jr.
6/18/2016 Small 'Magnetic' Transmitting Loop Antennas (STLs)
6/14/2016 Test: Arduino code for Mag Loop Master
6/14/2016 Test: Arduino code for Mag Loop Slave
4/1/2013 More from K8NDS
4/1/2013 More detail + lots of pictures of K8NDS's Magnetic loop Helically Loaded Magnetic Loop Antenna (may need to log on to for this one)
4/1/2013 Magnetic loop Helically Loaded Magnetic Loop Antenna - YouTube
4/1/2013 Testes inicias com a Coca-Loop .... Coca-Loop Initial tests
3/31/2013 n6na Magnetic Loop Antenna Project
3/31/2013 Magnetic loop for 160 - 15 metres
3/31/2013 vk3ye Testing a coaxial cable HF magnetic loop antenna
3/25/2013 Small magnetic loop info