Antenna Magnetic Loop

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1/17/2018 Kevin Loughin KB9RLW = Ham Radio - SDR tricks and tips - Profiling home brew magnetic loops
1/17/2018 Kevin Loughin KB9RLW = Magnetic Loop experiments, observations, and results
1/17/2018 Steve Yates AA5TB = Small Transmitting Loop Antennas (Magnetic Loop Antennas)
Check out his calculator at
1/17/2018 VK3RMH = Tests with magnetic loops 1: Is height might? Are two loops better?
1/17/2018 Magnetic Loop Mysteries Explained: Voltage and Current distribution
1/17/2018 VK4AMZ designed and built a 3 band HF copper loop antenna (160m 80m 40m Loop)
1/8/2018 Came across "Amateur Radio Pages of Frank, N4SPP" with lots of information. From this page, I went to his "My antenna projects" where his tab for "Magnetic Loops" has 3 projects listed. Each of these projects have a tremendous amount of info and includes a long list of references. Be sure and check Ref. 8E in each of these articles which links to "An Overview of the Underestimated Magnetic Loop HF Antenna", by Leigh Turner (VK5KLT), V1.2, October 2015.
1/4/2018 About Capacitors ... Part 6 Coax Cable capacitor for Loop Antenna by Andy Davies.
4/18/2017 PY1AHD Alex Homebrew Butterfly Capacitor
4/18/2017 Variable Capacitor Butterfly Style Plates Great for a Home Brew Magnetic Loop - YouTube
4/18/2017 Magnetic Loop Build 15 thru 75 Meters High Efficiency High Power - YouTube
4/18/2017 Magnetic loop antenna for 160-40 meters 1KW - YouTube
4/18/2017 Gordon West talks about Chameleon Antenna magnetic loops. - YouTube
4/18/2017 HOMEBREW - Magnetic Loop antennas and butterfly capacitors
7/15/2016 YouTube tutorial on using Arduino with speed control and limit switches which can be adapted to controlling the trombone type capacitor of the Mag Loop.
6/30/2016 An Overview of the Underestimated Magnetic Loop HF Antenna by Link to Leigh Turner VK5KLT (7 July2009 / updated 28 November 2010)
6/30/2016 Small Loop Antenna Efficiency By Mike Underhill -G3LHZ
6/30/2016 Multi conductors in parallel loop. "A MORE EFFICIENT MAGNETIC LOOP ANTENNA " by AA8C Glen E. Gardner, Jr.
6/18/2016 Small 'Magnetic' Transmitting Loop Antennas (STLs)
4/1/2013 More from K8NDS
4/1/2013 Magnetic loop Helically Loaded Magnetic Loop Antenna - YouTube
3/31/2013 n6na Magnetic Loop Antenna Project
3/31/2013 Magnetic loop for 160 - 15 metres
3/31/2013 vk3ye Testing a coaxial cable HF magnetic loop antenna