Circuit Boards Construction Techniques

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11/19/2016 Manhattan Style Construction & MUPPET style construction links. As presented on Tuesday, 15 November 2016 by Ken, KM4NFQ
11/19/2016 Paul Harden, NA5N
11/19/2016 Manhattan PDF by Chuck Adams, K7QO
11/19/2016 Advanced Manhattan Style PDF by K7QO
11/19/2016 Dave Richards, AA7EE
11/19/2016 Pete Juliano, N6QW (Simpleceiver series)
11/19/2016 Pete Juliano, N6QW (Simpleceiver 27-part series)
11/19/2016 Ashhar Farhan, VU2ESE The BITX20
11/19/2016 Ashhar Farhan, VU2ESE The Homebrewer's Lab
11/19/2016 Chuck Adams, K7QO MUPPET Board Construction video playlist
11/19/2016 w2ea YouTube video #123 Build a Crystal Oscillator From Scratch from Schematic through Board
11/19/2016 w2ea YouTube video #129 How to cut circuit board PCB material
11/19/2016 I (Ken) built a Regenerative Reciever using Manhattan Style Construction. I consider this a good beginning project to try MUPPET or Manhattan Style. QST September 2000, pp.61-64. A Simple Regen Radio For Beginners. Charles Kitchin, N1TEV.
11/22/2016 First Chapter of EMRFD (Experimental Methods in Rf Design) a book which is currenly out of print, but we think should be brought back by ARRL. At least we have the first chapter with lots of good "gettitng started" guidelines for the experimenter.