Radio Software Defined

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1/24/2017 PaddleStick CW Keyer Kit. We get lots of requests for fun, easy kits that anyone can build at minimal cost. That is what drove the development of the PaddleStick. It takes about 1/2 hour to build and and when done you have a fun little accessory that you can use to practice Morse code without having to buy an expensive paddle set.
1/24/2017 The Windows ® program for designing helical-resonator-based filters
11/28/2016 General URL: This page is a guide aimed at helping anyone set up a cheap radio scanner based on the RTL-SDR software defined radio as fast as possible on a Windows system.
11/28/2016 General URL: Guides, reviews and articles for affordable radio signal reception with RTL-SDR and Software Defined Radio >>SDRPlay vs RTL-SDR<<
11/28/2016 I have used HDSDR for my NooElec unit. They have a FAQ, a list of hardware, and lots of links to other folks documentation. There is no official user manual for HDSDR, per the FAQ. Use the links, Luke. (Submitted by Jim R)
11/28/2016 I have used SDR# for the NooElec and the RANverter Pi. (The folks who do the SDR# software also sell their own SDR, the AirSpy. (Submitted by Jim R)
11/28/2016 Changes to SDR#: Update to .NET 4.6, Linux support and new install procedure.
SDR# (SDRSharp) is probably the most popular software program that is used with the RTL-SDR. It is free, fast and fairly easy to use.
11/28/2016 Quick start - Installing the USB driver for the SDR dongle.
Note that Windows tends to install the wrong driver. It is recommended to wait until that ccompletes, then download and run Zadig to replace the driver with the correct one. Do not remember where I found that hint. (Submitted by Jim R)
11/28/2016 is a Windows console for Software Defined Radio (SDR) receivers and transceivers.
11/28/2016 SDR-Radio V2 RTL-USB
Provides dll files to support RTL-USB and instructions to install