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October, 2012
Update 10.29
Selected SmartPlanet Weekly links October 2012
What happens to science if Romney wins By Janet Fang | October 24, 2012, 6:39 PM PDT

Urban Prototyping and the dawn of DIY urbanism By Mary Catherine O'Connor | October 25, 2012, 5:14 AM PDT

Q&A: Is Whole Foods Market spearheading a new form of advertising? By Rachel James | October 26, 2012, 3:30 AM PDT

August, 2012
Selected SmartPlanet Weekly links August 2012
Obama vs. Romney: Who has the best energy plan? By Chris Nelder | September 5, 2012, 1:48 AM PDT

Can genetically modified corn save the midwest from drought? By Audrey Quinn | September 5, 2012, 6:58 AM PDT

Why can’t we predict earthquakes yet? By Rose Eveleth | September 7, 2012, 6:41 AM PDT

Scotland plans world’s largest offshore wind farm By Mark Halper | September 5, 2012, 10:46 AM PDT

Q&A: Our future living alongside robots By Christie Nicholson | September 7, 2012, 5:00 AM PDT

Apple rejects ‘questionable’ US drone strike tracker app By Charlie Osborne | September 3, 2012, 2:00 AM PDT

August, 2012
Selected SmartPlanet Weekly links August 31, 2012
One step closer to KITT: cars that talk to each other By Christina Hernandez Sherwood

Sapphire’s algae-to-oil farm begins to take shape By Kirsten Korosec

Selected SmartPlanet Weekly links August 24, 2012
Hackers join McAfee to combat electric vehicle viruses By Charlie Osborne

Disabled Chinese farmer builds his own bionic arms By Tuan C. Nguyen

Spontaneous combustion might be real, and pigs might help us figure out why it happens By Rose Eveleth

Urban beekeeping keeps cities healthy By Rachel James

Q&A: Justin Ashton, co-founder of XL Hybrids By Channtal Fleischfresser

The energy-water nexus, 2012 edition By Chris Nelder

Selected SmartPlanet Weekly links August 17, 2012
Fukushima disaster spawns mutant butterflies By David Worthington

The future of education? Byte-sized, and free By Matthew Malone

Selected SmartPlanet Weekly links August 03, 2012
Another Bill Gates cure for the warming planet: Spritz it By Mark Halper

Uh-oh! 3D printer produces a real gun By Tuan C. Nguyen

An electronic sensor as sensitive as human skin By Laura Shin

Selected SmartPlanet Weekly links August 10, 2012
Game changer? Phase-change products boost building performance By C.C. Sullivan

How the Komen Foundation misled us about mammograms By Audrey Quinn

Little girl gets new arms from a 3-D printer By Rose Eveleth

July, 2012
Selected SmartPlanet Weekly links July 27, 2012
A GPS that can choose the most energy-efficient route? By Channtal Fleischfresser

Cities will convert 260 million tons of waste to energy By Tyler Falk

Cities will convert 260 million tons of waste to energy By Tyler Falk

Glasses provide live language translation By Rose Eveleth

E-paper that simulates skies in the underground By Charlie Osborne

3 reasons why US is recapturing manufacturing from China By Joe McKendrick

Blink, it’s gone: Greenland’s surface ice melted 2 weeks ago By Mark Halper

Selected SmartPlanet Weekly links July 20, 2012
Shock yourself with electricity to find your inner savant By Charlie Osborne

How artificial intelligence will shape our lives By Matthew Malone

Hydropower: Now London gets screwed By Mark Halper

Study estimates Fukushima radiation-caused deaths, cancers By Laura Shin

Are genetically modified mosquitoes coming to America? By Janet Fang

Selected SmartPlanet Weekly links July 13, 2012
Acoustic camouflage: Active materials beat building noise By C.C. Sullivan

Harnessing the jet stream for wind turbines By Mark Halper

Q&A: Why our digital devices are making us lonelier than ever By Christie Nicholson

Russians “grow” synthetic voiceboxes By Audrey Quinn

Using nuclear waste, PRISM reactor could power UK for 500 years By Claire Lambrecht

California’s high-speed rail as an energy lifeline By Chris Nelder

Should we all be guinea pigs? By John Rennie

July, 2012
Update 07.15
Selected SmartPlanet Weekly links
Using nuclear waste, PRISM reactor could power UK for 500 years By Claire Lambrecht | July 11, 2012

Harnessing the jet stream for wind turbines By Mark Halper | July 12, 2012

Coming soon: commercial scale rooftop produce By David Worthington | June 20, 2012

Skyonic’s twist on carbon capture turns CO2 into baking soda By Kirsten Korosec | June 27, 2012

AIR.U to connect universities with “Super Wi-Fi” By Mari Silbey | June 27, 2012

All energy and climate solutions are local By Chris Nelder | June 27, 2012

NASA’s sky crane over Mars By John Rennie | June 26, 2012

June, 2012
RWGresearch is a site to generate donations, but has many links to Open Source projects in the area of Energy.

Entries from SmartPlanet Weekly June 01,2012

May, 2012
If this is correct, then BLP is back in the "fray" with an incredibile breakthrough!

ECAT newsletter #6

A few entries from SmartPlanet Weekly May 25,2012

U.S. Navy turns to online gaming to solve energy woes
Read the full story

A new electricity source: Viruses!
Read the full story

A few entries from SmartPlanet Weekly May 18,2012

The energy transition juggernaut
Read the full story

Will driverless podcars transform the Silicon Valley office park?
Read the full story

Mind controlled motion
Read the full story

A few entries from SmartPlanet Weekly May 11,2012

Google’s self-driving car hits the road in Nevada
Read the full story

Make your own reality with Metaio’s augmented reality software
Read the full story

Safe nuclear: India’s thorium reactor
Read the full story

A few entries from SmartPlanet Daily

Fuel to Byrne
Energy columnist Chris Nelder digs into the dirty details of U.S. "oil" supply and finds that only about two-thirds of it can actually be used as vehicle fuel. Read the full story

Train in a robot suit at Japan’s unique HAL FIT gym
TOKYO - Members of the HAL FIT gym are already using robot limbs which detect brain activity to regain their mobility, but could robot limbs also make Japan's nuclear industry safer?Read the full story

CityDashboard: Watch your city’s data in real-time
Get all your city's data live, in one place. Read the full story

Make money off your EV charging station
Your EV charging station just became a business opportunity, thanks to new software that lets you set hours, rates, and collect payments via a computer or smartphone. Read the full story

Ford to dealers: Want to sell electric vehicles, get green
In order to sell the upcoming Ford Focus Electric, dealers must complete a rigorous certification and undergo and assessment of their own environmental practices. Read the full story

Mar, 2012
I have been receiving "A daily briefing of the newest stories on SmartPlanet, five days a week" which may be of interest to the group. I selected 7 samples (of the 19) from their March 28, 2012 email. I have not read these samples, but the scope of topics seemed like good seeds for Tech Talk discussions. If you want to take a look, their web site is; and if you wish you too can sign up for SmartPlanet’s daily newsletter.
  • Why baseload power is doomed
  • One drug could cure 7 different cancers
  • Fusion breakthrough
  • Recharge your smartphone simply by breathing
  • School uniform alerts parents when students skip class
  • Hallelujah! Chocolate makes you thinner
  • Three green technologies set to transform energy

    Hackerspace Charlotte If you attended the Charlotte Hamfest, I hope you stopped by the Charlotte Hackerspace demo of a RepRap project 3D printer. Looks like this group would be of interest to many of the Tech Talk group. I talked with some of the members and I'm looking forward to becoming involved with a hackerspace group which they told me about in the Winston-Salem area.

    Rossi Tells Florida Bureau He Has No U.S. Factory, No Nuclear Reactions

    Graphene in new ‘battery’ breakthrough? This might be a "missing link" in LENR. LENR seems perfect for heating but crummy for electric generation. This might be a way to take low thermal inputs (like from a LENR) and output electricity.

    March update Andrea Rossi ECAT

    NIST Measurements May Help Optimize Organic Solar Cells

    NIST to Expand Work on Emergency Communications to Support FirstNet

    from: Rossi: Siemens AG Helping with Leonardo Corp. With Efficient Electricity Generation

    from: Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, Inc. ... a high-tech research and development corporation specializing in applications of plasma physics, including fusion power and high-power X-ray sources. Acceptance to Physics of Plasmas confirms LPP is hot!

    from: - E-Cat / Defkalion Weekly -- March 1, 2012 Highlights this week include: Dick Smith posting a website with his $1 million offer for 1kW LENR evidence within a year; Defkalion's testing under way with success alleged so far; Defkalion's forum goes dark; Rossi's relationship w/ Siemens; a recap of the latest news by; upcoming CERN colloquium on LENR.

    from: Going up? Take an elevator ride to space. Japanese announce that they intend to built an elevator to carry passengers and cargo 22,000 miles above the earth’s surface by 2050.

    from: Cavitation Competition to LENR?

  • Feb, 2012
    Don't forget about H2: Hydrogen from H2O at high flow rates using Catalytic Carbon. Also check the date on this Popular Science story

    Fascinating idea: Interstellar Superhighway Boosts Light Speed Limit

    'Green' solar cell is made from plants. Save your grass clippings!

    NASA Seeks Proposals for Green Propellant Technology Demonstrations

    Jan, 2012
    Bill says, "HERE IS AN INTERESTING BLOG" Unlike many other locations, the blogger seems to be taking a very pragmatic approach. Worth reading...

    PlasmERG's Revolutionary Engine Getting Ready to Rumble from Pure Energy Systems Jan 29, 2012

    A Reduced Energy Way To Distill Alcohol from New Energy and Fuel

    Aquatic power generator takes to the sea from Energy Daily

    ECAT NEWS Newsletter Issue 3 Received 01.27.2012 via email

    Better LENR News From Greece New Energy and Fuel-January 25, 2012
    The Praxen Defkalion Green Technologies Global Ltd. (PDGT) firm that was and then wasn’t a partner with Andrea Rossi in marketing the E-Cat LENR reactor has announced the permitting of third party evaluations of their product named “Hyperion”.

    Solar storm's effects to lash Earth through Wednesday (01.25.2012) Anyone notice a difference in the HF Radio Bands?

    Water as Fuel -- Stanley Meyer Recollections Andrew Michrowski pulls from his archives to retell his experience of working with the late Stanley Meyer, who allegedly ran a dune buggy on nothing but water, using an electrolysis process that somehow extracted energy from the environment. (for Pure Energy Systems News)

    New Energy and Fuel Natural Gas Will Be Changed to Oil

    Scalar Wave by Konstantin Meyl. Documentation for an Experimental-Kit to the transmission of electrical scalar waves. (fyi, not a sales pitch)

    A thread of info around Tesla's Radiant Energy concept has been getting some notice by some of our members. Some links contain experiments, some videos, and the last has some math to try:
    physicist and researcher Ralph Steiner, ... discussed the work of many inventors (including Nikola Tesla and Thomas Townsend Brown) that have had their game changing discoveries suppressed by the powers that be.

    Interview 01.14.2012 Andrea Rossi, the inventor of the E-Cat (cold fusion energy catalyzer), announced many breakthroughs in the development of his technology, answered a wide range of questions, and shared many details regarding the upcoming ten kilowatt heat unit for home use. This comment from

    NASA's Method for a Clean Nuclear Energy For Your Power Operated Technology. From the Technology Gateway (

    The Battery500 Project IBM researchers have successfully demonstrated the fundamental chemistry of the charge-and-recharge process for lithium-air batteries

    A novel way to concentrate sun’s heat at large scale, is efficient enough to compete with more conventional forms of power. This is an alternative to concentrators. (MITnews 12.2.2011)

    Graphene shows unusual thermoelectric response to light Finding could lead to new photodetectors or energy-harvesting devices. (MITnews 10.7.2011)

    Carbon emissions 'will defer Ice Age' By Richard Black, Environment correspondent, (BBC News 01.09.2012)

    Who Killed The Electric Car? So Far, It Looks Like The Consumer (Gas2.0rg 01.08.2012)

    Power from CO2 and Fly AshBy eliminating CO2 emissions, producing fuel, and reclaiming valuable metals from fly ash and flue emissions, MP BioMass offers technological solutions for coal power plants and other CO2 emitters to not only keep them from being shut down but increasing their profit margin. (PureEnergySystems 01.11.2012)

    Etalim Inc. is a Canadian high technology company dedicated to developing clean and efficient approaches to global electricity generation. Some have said, "Etalim’s Novel Engine Could Bust Open MicroCHP, Small Biogas and Solar Thermal Power Markets". Here are four links to their yet to be released heat to electricity generator: A "different" Stirling engine?

    Shake, rattle and … power up? A new energy harvesting device converts low-frequency vibrations into electricity. The device, the size of a U.S. quarter. (From MITnews)

    Trying to catch up on some of the LENR type info which has been sent in. Read at your own risk. This is from a "green" site Here's Dr. Brian Ahern (MIT graduate) nano-particle LENR patent application. Ahern claims to understand the underlying LENR phenomena and has filed a patent titled Amplification of Energetic Reactions. Dr. George Miley's Powerpoint presentation reviewing ezxperimental proof of transmutation and sugggesting ways to make a LENR Battery (based on the Patterson Cell concepts) An experimenter that is actually trying to build an ecat Here's a link to explanations for Widom- Larsen This appears to be a clarification of the previously mentioned Widom- Larsen theory

    December, 2011
    European Patent Office Rejects Rossi Patent.
    Here is the response from the EPO:
    It appears that, in order to preserve his trade secrets, Rossi elected to omit details that would allow someone trained in the art to replicate his design. Without these specific details, such as the specifics of the catalyst(s), exact temperatures(s) and Pressure(s) as well as the details associated with pulsation, the EPO considers the patent to be either to vague, or anticipated by earlier patents by Piantelli, Focardi et al.

    Energy Resources Westinghouse nuclear reactor gets go-ahead

    The Year in Energy ©2011 "Technology Review" Published by MIT

    Sony's bio battery turns waste paper into electricity from: BBC Mobile "NEWS Technology"

    Steam Turbines.pdf from Scientific Americal April 1969

    From Papp to PlasmERG - The Convoluted History of the Noble Gas Engine
    PlasmERG Progressing Towards Noble Gas Engine Production
    PlasmERG is a company whose mission is to make OUR "PLANET SAVING" NEW Plasmic Transition Process(tm) technology available to manufacturers, in Production, out into the world and in use, as quickly as possible.

    Slides From Sept. 22 NASA LENR Innovation Forum Workshop
    Zawodny Slides Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Reactions Is there better way to do nuclear power?
    Nelson Slides Overview of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) as Implemented by Andrea Rossi and Francesca Piantelli
    Bushnell Slides NASA and LENR Dennis M. Bushnell Chief Scientist NASA Langley Research Center

    A Week of E-Cat News Flurry (11/28/2011) It's amazing how much E-Cat cold fusion news is accumulated in just one week, with no less than twelve news sites dedicated to covering it, thus creating these 31+ stories, including news on customers, products, competitor progress, pending scientific validations, and history. Full Disclosure: PES Network has a business relationship with Andrea Rossi.
    By Sterling D. Allan with Hank Mills of Pure Energy Systems News

    November, 2011
    Test of the One Megawatt E-Cat

    This appears to be more "tech-y" than some of the other ecat fora.
    This link is to the entry level of the forum. Discussion of the radio freq component of the E-Cat was discussed in the Nov Coffee Grind Tech Talk.
    This blog is for all who are interested in replicating Hydrogen-Nickel nuclear reactions in the E-Cat.
    How to make nuclear fuel for self sustaining LENR reactors.
    Get out your nickel powder. Maybe just grind up some old five cent pieces?
    Alternative LED Lighting Combats Energy Crisis

    Defkalion Green Technologies posted a PRESS RELEASE about their HYPERION Cold Fusion (Ni - H) unit on Nov. 14th. They then further clarified what the pictures show in their press release on their forum discussion page.

    Here are some more info on the ECat:
    • National Instruments signs to do E-Cat controls
    • NOTICE: November 13, 2011; 12:30 pm MST Andrea Rossi has removed his "official" designation from this site ( The content herein should be considered under the editorial control of Sterling D. Allan of PES Network, Inc. and not approved by Andrea Rossi.

    World of low level nuclear chemistry. As always, Tech Talk does NOT endorse any book or product. This link is presented as reading material for those interested in technical topics.

    RepRap is a free desktop 3D printer capable of printing plastic objects

    NIST Physicists Chip Away at Mystery of Antimatter Imbalance

    [A] website [which] has been designed to provide an overview of these area broken down into four basic parts. You may want to click on the page title sometime.
    • Projects - What can you do to help humanity with a smooth transition to Type 1?
    • Conspiracy - Exposing the "terrorists" who are holding us back from Ascension.
    • Technology - List of the most important technologies for the future.
    • Educational - Helping people become smarter about math and physics. "This website has a very simple goal. To help people create a working LENR device." quote from the site.

    Here's anaother way to turn heat into Electricity

    After November's Tech Talk discussion, the following links to the Patterson Power Cell have been added as they may be similar to the E-Cat technology.

    CETI (Clean Energy Technologies, Inc.) Plus a Report on Testing the Patterson Cell technology by Dr. Dennis Cravens 3/27/1995

    The e-Cat and the Patterson Power Cell, CETI was never able to mass-produce Mr. Patterson’s beads.

    Three November Links link the technology (Stremmenos), experiment (Mills) and economic (Considine) elements of the E-Cat

    Rossi's E-Cat Victory on Cold Fusion's Emergence Day -- E-Day By Hank Mills of Pure Energy Systems News.

    A detailed Qualitative Approach to the Cold Fusion Nuclear Reactions of H/Ni By prof. Christos Stremmenos.

    Planning for Abundance by Toby Considine. So what if things did change? What if distribution and electricity were not the be-all of commercial and domestic energy?

    October, 2011
    Journal of Nuclear Physics Nuclear experiments blog with Archives back to Feb 2010. Could be some fun reading if you find your favorite topic

    Test of the One Megawatt E-Cat Link is to the Pure Energy Systems News update page which promises hourly updates

    Thanks Bill for the note on the Raspberry Pi - An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25. Take a byte!

    A couple of Magnetic Motors from the Zero Fossil Fuel web site. The Muller Motor project, and the Vortex Field Permanent Magnet Motor concept. A site which seems to have links to several different topics you may find interesting.

    News: Real-Time Updates on the October 6, 2011 E-Cat Test

    This in from member Voo "Anyhow... Have you guys discussed how the solar system has entered an "energy field" that supposedly will cause earthquakes? Ref: "A strong, highly-tilted interstellar magnetic field near the Solar System" NATURE | Vol 462 | 24/31 December 2009

    Arctic Sea Ice Continues Decline, Hits Second-Lowest Level

    The 2011 Cold Fusion/Lattice-Assisted Nuclear Reactions Colloquium at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology — Part 1 and — Part 2

    September, 2011
    Apparently, researchers have measured Neutrinos traveling at faster than light speed Can the warp drive be far behind?

    The Post-Quantum Activist A blog that discusses Randell Mills' unified theory in the context of physics current events.

    Here's a link to the latest (?) Rossi device that is (sort of) self-sustaining.
    AND some info on the 1 MW plant.

    The Challenge Is On: Robot Prize Competition Registration Opens potential $1.5 million prize

    NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) NASA's Wise Raises Doubt About Asteroid Family Believed Responsible for Dinosaur Extinction

    NASA Lightning Chat: And You Thought NASCAR Was Fast... More About Lightning

    NASA Space Laser to Make Radio Obsolete

    Rockets 2 Racecars NASA info

    NASA Spacecraft Observes New Characteristics Of Solar Flares Observes New Characteristics Of Solar Flares

    August, 2011
    Green gasoline: Researchers have discovered how to make gasoline from sawdust and other plant materials

    An interesting web site with some How I did it links to some tech topics including: Single and Polyphase Motor Generator, Boundary Layer Turbine (Tesla Turbine), and lots of pictures of a Solar Powered Fluid Mechanics Lab, and CNC Machine project

    An old favorite, Tesla Turbines. Check the link to The Phoenix Turbine Builders Club whose purpose is to be "a FREE resource, open to anyone who wants to build & experiment with the online Tesla turbine projects."

    This You Tube video is in Spanish, but you don't need to speak a word in order to be flabbergasted. Things just "ain't" supposed to work this way!

    Here's what appears to be the first copycat to Rossi's E-Cat. The company is "Nichenergy" No website yet but here's a This You Tube video translation of a report about them

    This one is fascinating. It is a low power device that -- supposedly -- pulls energy from the environment. Here is a link to an interview from this weekend. One thing caught my eye. Supposedly a device was shorted out for quite a while. Then it was connected to a low power device and it powered up. Sounds like the mysterious ELECTRET to me. Does anyone have any first hand experience with electrets? Response-01 , Response-02 , Response-03

    Research update: New way to store sun’s heat Modified carbon nanotubes can store solar energy indefinitely, then be recharged by exposure to the sun.

    How constant are "constants"? Variations of radioactive decay related to solar influence was a topic included in one of the Science Channel's Through-the-Wormhole episodes this month. For the original paper by Jenkins and Fischbach CLICK here.

    A news article from the also discusses this subject: IS THE SUN EMITTING A MYSTERY PARTICLE?

    July, 2011
    Some interesting pieces of the puzzle include a report that the highest *safe* temperature obtained in a reactor is 414 degrees C. THAT is obviously well above the point where both ORC (Organic Rankin Cycle) as well as "regular" steam engines/turbines etc. could work. Another "snippet" is that the Nickel particles are not nano-sized, but something larger.

    Microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR)

    Not sure if this qualifies as a LOW ENERGY Nuclear Reaction, but an interesting alternative to multi-billion dollar fusion research that just barely seems to do anything.

    A CBS 60 Minutes report on "More than Junk Science" which is on LENR (cold Fusion)

    Apparently, cavitations in high speed propellers can cause chemical and possibly LENR Low Energy Nuclear Reactions leading to emission of light!

    They seem to be using a similar process as that of Rossi, but with a different means for stimulating the reaction.

    NASA'S Spitzer Finds Distant Galaxies Grazed On Gas

    NASA Plans Air Pollution Flights Over Maryland On July 1

    Key Ingredient: Change in Material Boosts Prospects of Ultrafast Single-photon Detector

    We are powering the world with water!


    Tech Beat - June 21, 2011

    Compact High-Temperature Superconducting Cable Wins "R&D 100" Award

    NASA, NSF Collaborate to Develop Advanced Robotics

    NASA Will Host 150 People For Tweetup At Launch Of Jupiter-Bound Mission

    President Obama Launches Advanced Manufacturing Partnership

    June, 2011
    Yet another approach to high speed itty bitty memory...

    May, 2011
    Video of static electricity caused explosion investigated by CSB Safety Board. Shown at May gathering.

    April, 2011
    Internal Combustion 3X as efficient as a piston engine? Ref1 from youtube, Ref2 from Pure Energy Systems Wiki.

    Check out Tech Floating to the Top

    ACS reports American Chemical Society reports that an electrical wand can suppress or put out fires. A real ray gun? This is apparently NOT an April Fool since the date is late March.

    March, 2011
    CLASSICAL QUANTUM MECHANICS by Randell L. Mills, BlackLight Power, Inc Those of us that have been following the Black Light Power/Mills interpretation of EM have been frustrated by the opacity of the GUTCP (Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics) treatise that explains everything about everything... IF you can figure it out!
    This earlier work is only 7% in length or the GUTCP so maybe it will be a little easier to get through.

    From "" An Interview with Carver Mead who in his book Collective Electrodynamics wrote: “It is my firm belief that the last seven decades of the twentieth century will be characterized in history as the dark ages of theoretical physics.”

    Other references from "The American Spectator" which was the original source of the Mead Interview include: Einstein's Revolution, and Counterrevolution and Can We Do Without Relativity? both by Tom Bethell.

    By DAVID POGUE As digital technology takes over, we're losing the sounds of analog technologies. And sometimes that's a real loss.

    February, 2011
    A Utube presentation of the MEMRISTOR

    HP Labs Outlines Breakthroughs in Memristor Chip Research An newsletter on this new fundamental component.

    Here are a few links courtesy of Kirk McDonald: (Forwarded to Tech Talk)
    Go to

    2 papers on this theme appeared at MOBICOM10 The first, gives an overview of their technique, here called "antenna cancellation". Their talk may be the most accessible report:

    The second paper is which is more about "information theory" rather than RF practice. A PowerPoint version of the 2nd paper is at Rather technical.

    A different solution is explored in the talk and the paper

    From PC PRO (PCPro.CO.UK): Posting referenced by

    From Stanford researchers develop wireless technology for faster, more efficient communication networks

    From EurekAlert! Wireless communication is a one-way street. Over.

    Cathodixx - Superconductivity at Room Temperature.
    A quote from this site about the author's book The Physics Delusion: a shift in the understanding of the universe was first accepted and understood by those who were not bound by the shackles of "accepted dogma"
    We are not "selling" the books listed here, but check out some of the forum discussion groups about "alternate truths"

    January, 2011
    A new energy source from nuclear fusion by Focardi & Rossi MARCH 22, 2010

    Report on heat production during preliminary tests on the Rossi “Ni-H” reactor. by: Dr. Giuseppe Levi. More info (mostly in English) with pictures of Focardi and Rossi experiment.

    Levi and Bianchini Reports
    Local .pdf of Jan 24th report

    Experimental evaluation, for radiation protection purpose, of photon and neutron radiation field during the public presentation of the prototype called "Energy Amplifier. by: Dott. Bianchini David - Physics Department - University of Bologna

    Cold Fusion LIVES AGAIN! Some of this site and videos are in English, some not
    Two Italian scientists, Focardi and Rossi announced at a press conference on Jan 15 that they had demonstrated a viable over unity device that they "think" is operating via cold fusion. Excess energy in the amount of 8:1 or more is being achieved.

    Here is a link to the test In English

    The Bloom Box is (apparently) a solid fuel-cell alternative to "on the grid" living.
    It is a 100KW stand alone device capable of powering a residential neighborhood or a small office building. Who needs Duke Power!

    Photon Theories of the Universe
    "Here, we explore the alternative, Field Theory."

    December, 2010
    (8.14Meg file) It turns out that the initial anomalous results of Mills have been around a while.
    An earlier company, Thermacore did an investigation in 1994 based on Mills' concept. This was (partly) funded by Wright Patterson AFB.
    A phase 2 report is apparently still classified.

    Patent application is for the generation of electricity from plasma.
    Although this does not seem to be the method emplyed in the mysterious CIHT, it is interesting to note that the wording on the last page section [0246] Mills comments sound like the description of the cost and advantages of the CIHT.

    More info from one of the Tech Talk members:
    Here is one (apparently) operational thermal-to-electric converter link to AMTEC
    Now take a look at one (apparently?) insider's "take" on how hydrino power might work in an AMTEC environment.

    Non math and appears Non bias report on Dr. Mills Hydrino Theory from

    First 3 links are to the .pdf documents on the site:
    CfA Link
    Latest Rowan Paper(2010):
    Earlier Rowan Paper(2009):

    Next 3 links are to the same documents, but to a copy on this local site:
    CfA Link
    Latest Rowan Paper(2010):
    Earlier Rowan Paper(2009):

    November, 2010
    BlackLight Power, Inc. Announces Production of Electricity from a New Form of Hydrogen
    Independent studies validate breakthrough non-polluting energy source based on hydrino theory

    Questions for Dec. 2, 2010 discussion:
    1. Is CO2 a Greenhouse Gas?
    2. If it isn't, then what explains the recent increase in temperature (that is now declining!)Science Notes mar 17, 2003 Cold Facts on Global Warming

    Easterbrook: RESEARCH Global climate change, global warming/cooling

    Solar Cycle 24: Implications for the United States David Archibald International Conference on Climate Change March, 2008

    Weather Channel Founder: Global Warming 'Greatest Scam in History

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